God Left Us on Cruise Control

“God bless you”, was met with a sneer.

You would expect I shared the information, “I just shit myself.  Get ready for the train car to be hot boxed by the waste product of the breakfast burrito I could barely afford this

I’m more of a sinner than a devotee, but I can grasp that wishing a blessing was one of
the kinder things to be said.  The man just spewed his germs over thirty other passengers, because he was too inconsiderate to let his own body distract him from his text message.  If someone wished me a happy gay pride day,  I wouldn’t take it as them wanting
to hold me down and shove cock in me till I was over the fairer sex.

I’d be thankful someone was friendly enough to acknowledge I was standing next to them, existing in the world.  But that was the artful sneezer’s real problem.  I had interrupted his existence with my own. People of his type can’t function with their blinders down.  To alter his perception, would crumble his world.  It’s how they walk past all the misery and ignore the human suffering on the streets below their offices of profit worship.

I had seen him a few times on my commute that summer.  A few other passengers were regulars.  I knew so much without ever saying a word.

He, always in a tailored suit, had someone on the other end of the phone who preferred not to hear his voice.

There was a bald man who read the comics getting a few chuckles out before donning a serious face.  I imagine he was required to wear it all day.

The chuckler often stood two rows up from an attractive blonde stock broker.  She read the business section every morning and cursed.  I hoped one day the chuckler
could share a joke to remind her to laugh.

There were more who advertised just as much, like breakfast of choice or more like convenience, music preference, and most obvious destination.  I won’t continue to drown you with the boring lives of other’s though.

Every day we let these details speak for us.  Easier than entertaining would be friends or
could be nuisances.  So we all stay strangers, but life had us on the same schedule with similar senses of direction.  Morning after morning drawn towards the city, we caught the same train, and gravitated towards the same car.  One would think we might have some
common interest to share in a conversation, but we weren’t even capable of “God bless you”s.

All of us were going through life in a bubble.  I was trying to pop mine.  It would happen before the end of the day.  From time to time you will always find yourself stuck back in a bubble, which is much worse than a rut.  Fortunately, I was about to learn the best escape route.

It’s other people. Sometimes we mesh nicely, at times we crash and shake our cores, some of us clash and ruin those neat perceptions, but most often we coast out there by ourselves.

If something exists to bless inconsiderate sneezers, it would tell us we’re doing it wrong.

Tune in next time to hear more about the day I started getting it right.


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